“Embrace the current stage that you are in, so you can be completely prepared for your future success.” @Spreeisms

There is a certain preoccupation many have with comparing ourselves to others, and it is unhealthy when it starts to affect our self-talk. Self-talk is the internal narrative between our unconscious beliefs and conscious thoughts about ourselves and daily experiences. It can happen when we scroll Instagram or Facebook and see how many vacations so-and-so from high school went on this year, or obsess over how our ex is driving a Tesla now — we create a dysfunctional dialogue within ourselves that carries a focus on what we don’t have versus what we do.

When we intentionally combat those very natural comparative responses with positive self-talk, we can redirect our attention back onto our own paths. While it is important to be aware of the content we intake (by unfollowing pages that do not push us toward our purpose), there will always be someone or something that makes us think we aren’t doing enough. It is useful to create messages from our higher-self to shut down those negative thoughts, when needed. Sometimes, these messages look like mantras we speak into our spirit every morning, or post-it notes on our bathroom mirror. But I want to encourage that we implement a habit of speaking intentionally. When we start to understand how powerful the words we speak really are we become very aware that not every thought or feeling needs to manifest into words. So although we have these thoughts about how Law School fell through, or berate ourselves for sabotaging a relationship, it is more productive in our quest to find peace to concentrate on empowering our present self.

Remind yourself of your process and how important it is to embrace the current stage  you are in so you can be completely prepared for your future success. Remind yourself that you have a unique purpose, and the gains you are making do not need to be validated by IG likes. Adjust your words from ‘I will try’ to ‘I will get it done’ and manifest that truth. Come prepared to battle with pre-planned positive affirmations to refute the most common unhealthy things you tell yourself. This is speaking intentionally. This is positive self-talk, and it will impact your self-esteem, your worldview, and ultimately your personal development.

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