Whether you are a student, recent grad who is job hunting, or 9-to-5’er with a side-hustle, good time-management is a symptom of valuing yourself and being aligned with your purpose. 2018 has offered so many opportunities and possibilities for great success, but to capitalize on more than one prospective endeavor in 2019, intentional time-management is essential. Being intentional with your time allows you to be present in the moment and maximize productivity each day.

This two-part article on intentional time-management will be huge for setting ourselves up for all the new wins the new year has to offer. Part One focuses on “Identifying Distractions.”

The first step of implementing or improving your intentional time-management skills is to identify current distractions and empty opportunities. Empty opportunities are jobs, events, or projects that are not on brand with your personal mission.

A few weeks ago, we discussed SMART Goal Setting, a more productive approach to completing your vision board. If you have your goals for 2019 outlined, the next mission is to minimize distractions and drop empty opportunities. We do this by saying, “No” when asked to take part in something that does not add value to our goals. Consider evaluating how an opportunity will help you achieve your goals, before committing.

How will you tend to all your hustles?

While being intentional with your time, it is important to be self-aware. Remember commitments in the past that created negative and overwhelming experiences, or ones that simply did not serve you.

Ask questions and communicate your availability based on other obligations. Once you commit to the purpose-driven endeavors you find valuable, set priorities.

How will you tend to all your hustles? Prioritizing is key, and making sure that you put effort toward everything on your to-do list. Start early on tasks and pencil in everything on the calendar so you can effectively plan your daily schedule. Be mindful — you will need time to decompress and recharge, add that to your schedule weekly as well. That way you never miss time with yourself.

Part-Two is about accountability: “How to Maintain Your Momentum.”

See you at same time, next week, for #SelfCareMonday.

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