5 Things Good Men Can’t Resist

It’s no secret that men are attracted to trash the same way they’re attracted to treasure. Hell, sometimes men will already have treasure and still cheat with trash. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t increase the quality of men who can’t get enough of you, and it comes down to a few basic principles many women forget in an effort to be themselves.
Of course, you let things happen organically and never abandon your true self, but there’s always a right and wrong way to do things. You want to get a job where you can be yourself, but you still dress professionally and show up on time, right? So, if you want the best out of the dating scene, there’s a few ways you can put yourself at the top of the food chain so those who just want junk food no longer have a taste for your greatness while those who know soul food when they see it will salivate for your presence.

1. Learn to speak sarcasm, fluently. Studies show that 70% of men find a woman to be both more attractive and presumably intelligent if she’s sarcastic in their first conversation. Do understand, that’s not to be confused with being cynical or outright rude. Leave the rolling eyes, sucked teeth, or loose neck at home UNLESS he’s already disrespected and shown he doesn’t deserve further conversation. But throw in some sarcasm as soon as possible to flex that sense of humor both men and women love in someone they’re going to be around long term. It immediately sets you apart as someone more than just sexy.

2. Show NO attention in men who are complete strangers. When you’re out, when conversing about other dating experiences of guys you no longer have contact with, those men get ZERO energy. The same way women (should) notice when a man stares at every nice ass that walks by, men pay attention when the guy decked out in expensive jewelry, a nice suit, or simply more handsome than he is enters the room and how the woman reacts. They also take mental note if a guy from your past still has strings attached to your present. If there’s even a slight swoon or unsatisfied curiosity of another man who’s not in your life, a potential mate will notice and his ego’s red flag will go waving sky high that you’re bound to embarrass him at some point. You especially get cool points if those men who are in the near vicinity are noticeably looking at you and you don’t acknowledge them in the slightest. You just gave the guy you’re talking to a major ego stroke without lifting a finger, something he’ll want around long term.

3. Invest in yourself like your life depends on it…because it does. Gym, attire, hair, hygiene, mental health, etc. If you make it a point to take great care of yourself on a regular basis, a good man will not only follow suit, but those who think lowly of women will x themselves out by voicing how disinterested they are or by even telling you they believe you’re doing “too much.” Make yourself a priority in some way, every day, and don’t be shy about making that known. It’ll attract men who are in the market for a woman they’d like to invest themselves in as well.

4. Be consistently appreciative while being hard to impress. If you show a general respect for the nice things a man does or says but reserve your excitement for his long-term actions to prove that this isn’t just something temporary, a real man will take that as a sign that you’ve been here before, expect to be treated well, but at the same time are not snooty and ungrateful. Easily impressed women come off as simply easy, something good men who want a long-term relationship won’t care much for. But for the car doors held for you, flowers he shows up with, his talks about traveling the world or what famous people he’s rubbed shoulders with, let this all be something that’s simply “nice,” and leave it at that.

5. Be less than fully available for him. It doesn’t have to be predicated on another man you’re spending time with, but still, do not make him the priority of your schedule in the beginning. No man is going to believe he just got so lucky he was able to get the one available slot in your schedule when he asks to spend time with you and you immediately agree to. Even good men will take that as you have absolutely nothing going on or he’s already the most important thing you have going on in your personal life, something he’ll appreciate more if he must first earn it. Turn him down for his first attempt at having some of your time but let him know one or two other time slots you have available. His ego may be tested, but if he’s really into you, it’ll score you points that you’re not afraid of running him off by not running wherever he says to meet him the moment he snaps his fingers.

Do these five things and you’ll immediately be on your A-game both in attracting good men, but also repulsing those who are only there to waste your time.